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​Veterans and Active Duty Military From any Branch of Service Enjoy a Day of Fishing
Fishing and Veterans - 5 Reasons Why Vets Should Be Fishing 
Veterans and fishing go together like peanut butter and jelly.  To illustrate this point, over a half dozen organizations exist just to take veterans fishing.  Why did so many organizations form to take vets fishing?  Besides the fun factor, and the fact fish are delicious, fishing has a few benefits veterans can appreciate.

Physical Exercise:
According to the Department of Veteran’s affairs over half of veterans have musculoskeletal injuries. Their injuries often cause pain and discomfort, and they often don’t have a cure, but they may have a treatment. Most doctors prescribe a healthy dose of exercise to reduce pain, strengthen weak points and keep veterans in fighting shape

Fishing offers a dynamic and low impact means of working out that can aid in helping vets reduce those pains. The low impact nature of the exercises associated with fishing reduce likelihood of increasing pain and injury. The fun nature of fishing also makes it so you don’t even know you are working out.

Reduces Symptoms Associated with TBI and PTSD:
Traumatic brain injury and PTSD are two major issues veterans around the country are dealing with. TBI is often a more physical injury, but is tied to feelings of anxiety and depression. PTSD is is a mental condition that’s associated with depression, anxiety, guilt, fear and anger.  Fishing has the ability to reduce the effects of both PTSD and TBI.

Fishing lowers feelings of guilt, despair, stress, anxiety, guilt and anger for almost a month according to a University of Maine Study. While not all veterans face PTSD and TBI many face depression and anxiety disorders. The effect fishing has on these conditions is also substantial and not be overlooked.

Puts You In The Sun:
Sanford University also found simply being in nature has an effect on depression and anxiety at a chemical level in the brain. Another study found a link between exposure to sunshine and nature increased levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is linked to feelings of content and overall happiness. Let’s not forget you are getting a healthy dose of vitamin D which aids in keeping the body ticking long into old age.

Teaches Patience:
Patience is a blessing, and if you’ve spent much time with veterans you’ll often realize they tend to lack. Veterans like to get things done, and they want it done now. Most were taught at a critical age that's the way to do things. Fishing is a sport in which you must be patient. You must deal with failure and you must relax and go with the flow.

Impatience isn’t healthy and it causes stress, high blood pressure, and weakens your immune system. A lot of veterans I know could use a healthy dose of patience.

It’s Just Fun:
Veterans like to have fun, well I mean everyone likes to have fun, but veterans really know how to blow off steam. They are experts in dealing with the most stressful job in the world. Catching a fish or two is an absolute blast. The effects of fun on the mind and body are numerous and everyone should be able to get out there and have a little fun.

It doesn’t matter if you are fishing fresh or salt water, from a boat or the shore, what’s important is you get out there and fish. If you are a veteran who’s considering the hobby go for it. Look for organizations like Take a Soldier Fishing.  It’s a great way to get started with something that’s benefit you more than you know.